As an award winning custom home builder, we meet a variety of industry professionals, happy homeowners, and unhappy homeowners with remodeling regrets. In fact, we’ve helped homeowners remodel homes to resolve regrets and mistakes created by other contractors. We’ve listed out a few common errors to help avoid experiencing remodeling regrets. The last thing you want is to have regrets after all the research, planning and construction you’ve put into creating your dream home project.

Choosing Poor Floor Plans
A good floor plan involves many aspects from your lifestyle, functionality of the room, flow, well planned use of space and overall design. Spend time in the planning phase trying to “live” in the plan and make necessary changes before the build. It’s generally much easier, faster and less expensive than making changes after the work begins. Don’t compromise, on what you need, a well conceived floor plan can add value to your home. 

Cheap Contractors
The cheapest bid does not typically mean the best work. Before making a decision on your contractor, look for referrals, verify the quality of work, ensure they are experienced in the type of work you want, review testimonials, and project photos. A contractor with experience will be able to show quality workmanship, discuss the pros and cons of materials, and help guide you through the design-build process. 

Define Responsibilities
For couples planning a remodel this can be a surprise in the process. Plan for months of communication with your contractor, and decide in advance how final decisions will be handled. Before starting, spend time defining roles and responsibilities. List out strengths and weaknesses that can be beneficial to the process. Agree on who is doing what and how the information from your contractor will be handled between the two of you.

Changing Direction During the Remodeling Process
Clearly defining your priorities before your project begins is a key factor to remodeling success. Changing to an entirely new look or design once construction has begun can be very costly and lead to wasted time and materials.  Become familiar with the proper terminology to accurately communicate your preferences. When in doubt, work with a design-build contractor that can support you with direction and thorough plans in your remodel. Our design team has award winning service and knows how to remodel and customize the home you’ve dreamed of and more.

Lack of Professionalism
A successful home builder or remodeler should hold the following traits: responsiveness, experience, honesty, friendliness, understanding the cost of services, proximity and quality of work and online reviews. Find a builder that is an expert at creating the style you want. As challenges come up and decisions about details arise you’ll be glad you have a professional to work with.

At Timber Ridge Properties we have a legacy of building dream homes. We provide a personalized, custom approach to every home. Our award winning portfolio speaks for itself. Find out why we are named one of the top remodelers and custom home builders in the Denver area.

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