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The advantage of working with a design-build contractor like Timber Ridge Properties is that our projects and budgets are more accurate, cohesive, and efficient since we manage all phases from the initial design concepts, budgeting, engineering and permits through construction, inspections, and finishing touches.

We believe in the design-build difference because having the design and construction professionals working on the same page from the very beginning of the project results in a faster, more organized, and efficient process.

Budgets for our projects are based on real decisions and thoughtful project development and design. During the early phases of the design process, we engage our trade partners, vendors, and other industry professionals so that comprehensive and detailed selections that affect the budget will be ready at the completion of the design and project development phase. During our design-build process, we coordinate creative design with structural and civil engineering to ensure that your home is a safe, long-lasting structure as well as a beautiful masterpiece.

Due to our personalized design process, we can continually monitor the specifications of the project and make real-time recommendations to ensure that we are keeping everything within budget and on schedule.  When creative design and experienced construction management are melded very early in the process, the result is a beautiful, efficiently completed, on-budget dream home.

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What Design-Build Mean for Your Project 

Working with a design-build contractor like Timber Ridge Properties means that you will be working with one cohesive team from the design phase to the finished product. Working with a design-build firm all the way through your project will save time, money, and lower overall project stress.

Cost & Time Efficient

Budgets for all phases of the project can also be controlled more readily due to having fewer fingers reaching into the budget pie. This process can apply to any size project—smaller, more intimate remodels as well as large-scale full home improvements and new custom homes. 

In today’s fast-paced world, the sleeker, more efficient, and affordable alternative is a design-build approach to home remodeling and new home construction.

“We designed and built our “dream forever home” with Timber Ridge properties. The process was excellent and the quality and attention to detail clearly exceeded our expectations. The assistance and knowledge from TRP were critical to managing the budget and delivering a high-end quality home.”

Ennodio R.

Custom. Collaborative. Craftsmanship.

Together, we go on a journey of creativity, integrity, accountability, and communication to create your dream home.