The most difficult part of the homebuilding process is not finding the right piece of land or building walls; it’s the waiting game. Our number one question from homeowners is always “How long will it take!?”

The truth: In 25 years of building homes, we have come to know one thing with certainty: Custom homes and remodels take time. Custom means that every single detail— layouts, fixtures, finishes, flooring, kitchens, bathrooms, patios, basements, garages— is 100% designed around you. It means that your home will be a distinct reflection of who you are, how you live, and what you love. For that reason, the wait will always be worth it.

Some days will be exciting, some days will be frustrating. Over the lifetime of a project, there are always ups and downs, but rest assured that we are working diligently behind the scenes to move everything along as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Read on for a brief overview of our custom home process, and what to expect as your new home transforms from renderings to reality!

We take into consideration all of your “must-haves”, your “I wants”, and your “wish I could haves” early in the design process. This is where we begin discussing how this home can be molded to suit your life, kids and pets.

SUGGESTION: Visit Houzz and start drawing some interior/exterior inspiration. Any photos you bring to us will help us understand your vision and how we can implement it!

We pride ourselves on 100% transparency with our clients…this step is no exception.

Because this is a 100% custom home, there will be changes and contingencies, but you will be kept up-to-date throughout the process. You will always know exactly where you are in your budget.

Next we seek out bids from our subcontractors. Every aspect of your home build will be worked into the pricing here, including your foundation, cost of lumber, framing, types of windows, style of staircases… the list goes on. If this seems overwhelming, don’t worry! You’ll be advised every step of the way by each member of our team.

Here comes the tricky part. The process can take up to 1-2 months, which can prove to be frustrating for an eager homeowner! Don’t fret… we’ll have plenty of work to distract us while we wait.

There are a lot of exciting decisions to make in regard to the look and style of your home, including all of the fun finishing details.

SUGGESTION: Take a vacation, and forget your permitting woes!

AT LAST,  it’s time to dig the hole for your custom home! This is a much more exciting process than it sounds. Let’s clink our glasses and celebrate the next chapter in your life’s journey.

Watch your dream home come to life! After the framing is complete, this fledgling structure will really begin to look like a home.

Now, your house is no longer a pile of bones. With the help of drywall, your home’s interior will  begin to take shape.

Now is a good time to snap progress photos to send to your friends, and tease the final product!

We will help you source the right materials, fixtures and finishes to make each space perfectly you.

SUGGESTION: Meditate. We’re almost there!

The last steps before the final unveiling. We want to make sure your home looks it’s absolute best before move in.


SUGGESTION: Throw a housewarming party!