9 Best Custom Home Builders in Cherry Hills Village

9 Best Custom Home Builders in Cherry Hills Village

Timber Ridge Properties is thrilled to announce that we were named as one of the 9 best custom home builders in Cherry Hills Village, Colorado.

For over 30 years, Timber Ridge Properties has created an array of high-end residential custom homes with a personal and boutique approach. The firm has a very client-focused approach, understanding that the role of the firm is to be the vehicle by which a client gets exactly what is needed.

One of the top projects the firm has produced is a vintage traditional residence in Colorado. It’s a private house featuring materials such as travertine tile, hickory floors, and custom granite. The client for this project was for a family of five, with the firm providing classic finishes in many areas of the house. From its indoor to outdoor features, the team at Timber Ridge offered the client classic Timber Ridge features, including a custom stone fireplace in the kitchen, a finished basement with guest quarters, and an all-season outdoor fireplace seating area. The result is a classic residence offering a unique traditional design catered to the client’s requests.

We are so proud of the work we do and of the clients that put their trust in Timber Ridge Properties to bring their dream homes to life.

Interested in building or enhancing your dream home with Timber Ridge? Contact us today.

Rocky Mountain Real Estate: Topics and Trends

Rocky Mountain Real Estate: Topics and Trends

Colorado is home to a healthy real estate market with tremendous upside. Many leading economists see the Colorado market as one of the best in the nation for jobs and housing. As a result, the state  is attracting droves of new residents from all walks of life—ranging from families to singles, to young adults to retirees. As the city of Denver continues to expand, residents—both new and long-term— are migrating toward surrounding suburban areas such as Parker, Aurora, Centennial, and Englewood.

Photos provided by Trent Getsch

The Great Migration
Michael Petrelli of the Ravenna golf course neighborhood believes the cause of this great suburban shift  is that residents want to avoid the congestion of urban areas, and crave immersion into the beautiful Colorado landscape while maintaining accessibility.

Take, for example, the Timbers, a subdivision in south Parker known for it’s beautiful woodland setting, mountain views and ample open space. The neighborhood also boasts gorgeous luxury homes. Trent Getsch, a Re/Max Alliance agent within the Timbers subdivision, believes that neighborhoods like the Timbers attract so many new residents because they embody the idea of Colorado living. “Areas like Parker, which are only a short commute to Denver, will also gain popularity”, Trent says, “they offer a change of pace and quiet serenity, with great accessibility.”

So what does the future hold for suburban areas? Tom Roberts, president of Western Lands, LLC, believes that this suburban population spike will not only provide monetary value to residents and future residents of these booming subdivisions, but will actually secure the value of having a private, open space to enjoy.

Custom is Better: Trends in Luxury Home Design
In an era of urban development marked by unimaginative and boxlike apartment homes, what does the future of custom luxury homebuilding hold?

For outlying suburban areas, custom homes are in high demand. Lenn Hafferman of Castle Rock’s Puma Ridge neighborhood says that many homebuyers are looking for expansive south-west facing mountain views, large one-plus acre homesites, and serene, private settings.

Photo provided by Tom Roberts

As far as interiors go, Hafferman has noticed a trend toward main-floor masters, and an emphasis on comfortable livability and easy-flow floor plans. Many buyers seek home layouts with “an open, inviting kitchen area” and “a personalized outdoor living space”. In short, Hafferman says, “Everyone wants unique!” Tom Roberts agrees that homeowners will lean toward creating customized, rich environments for their families to enjoy. “We will continue to see the investment in great design and high quality construction,” he says.

The Future of Colorado Home Customization
What does all of this mean for the future of builders like Timber Ridge Properties? Trent Getsch believes that builders, in alignment with both architects and design staff, who are capable of keeping track of the most recent trends and products, will remain the most valuable resource for homebuyers. Carefully planned developments where buyers can create their own custom home will continue to thrive because they offer residents a sense of privacy, views to the mountains, great schools, and easy access to more urban areas.


Making the Most of your Outdoor Spaces

Making the Most of your Outdoor Spaces

There is nothing that compares to Colorado in the summer. The warm, sunny days are the perfect excuse to step outside and soak up the scenery, while cooler temperate nights are the ideal backdrop for backyard cookouts or evening cocktails. As summer approaches, you may be considering some updates to your existing outdoor spaces. This could mean anything from redecoration, to complete reconstruction.


The first thing to consider before an outdoor space renewal is what kind of life you want the space to have. It’s important to envision your ideal experience: Will you be sunbathing, or do you prefer the shade? Is this a space for entertaining, or is it more of a private retreat? How do you want this space to interact with your indoor spaces?  If you’re looking for a little outdoor space inspiration, read on for Timber Ridge Properties’ favorite ways to spruce up patios, backyards, and outdoor entertainment spaces for our unbeatable Colorado summers.

Patio Basics
For many Colorado residents, your outdoor patio is the focal point of your outdoor space. The patio is where friends and family congregate to take in the spectacular views, fire up the BBQ, and soak up the sun. It’s functionality is essential to the way you spend your summer days, and keeping it comfortable is the key to enjoying it to it’s fullest potential. For example, if you prefer a shaded deck to a sun drenched one, the addition of a sunshade or awning may be important in your planning. Additionally, if you find yourself in the process of constructing a home, you may consider the positioning of the patio in relation to the sun.

Your selection of  furnishings also contribute to the comfort of your space. If lounging is your activity of choice, outdoor furniture featuring durable fabrics should be considered. If your space is an intended dining area, iron or wicker dining furniture may be on your wish list. No matter what you intend to use your patio for, the end goal should be livability—creating an area that best suits you, your family and your lifestyle.

Cozy Up by the Fire
An outdoor fireplace is the perfect addition to any outdoor space, and adds a touch of cozy all year round.  Aside from being aesthetically pleasing and an excellent focal point for your outdoor space, an outdoor fireplace is also versatile in its functionalities. Imagine your family sitting around the fireplace roasting marshmallows and exchanging stories in the summer, or cozying up with cocoa during the cooler fall and winter months. Family time aside, a fireplace also creates the perfect romantic ambiance and ideal lighting for intimate outdoor meals or cocktails.

Fire Up the Grill
Cooking outside is not only a practicality, but an excellent means of entertaining your guests and enjoying the beautiful weather. It’s important to have high-quality, durable outdoor appliances that will keep your family fed and happy for many seasons to come. We recommend Sub-Zero and Wolf grills, an ideal addition to any at-home chef’s outdoor oasis.

A grilling area that is well-integrated into your patio’s design is not only safe and effective, but becomes a significant asset to the overall aesthetic of the space. Sub-Zero and Wolf products are sleek, polished, and are guaranteed to stand both the test of time and Colorado’s harshest weather.

The patio pictured below was featured on Impressive Interior Design’s website as an example of a luxurious though functional outdoor living space.

Indoors, Meet Outdoors
Your outdoor spaces are an extension of your home, it’s decor and design, and your personal style. Creating a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors is a great way to open up your home’s interior and introduce new light and space. Syncing up styles between the patio and your home’s interior is a nice way to showcase the recurring design themes present in your home. The result is a beautifully visual representation of your taste, and your family’s lifestyle.


If you’re interested in learning more about customized patio build, remodel, or redesign, connect with Timber Ridge Properties and take the first step toward your dream space, today.

The New Look of Luxury Panel and Party

The New Look of Luxury Panel and Party

On February 2nd, Timber Ridge Properties partnered with LUXE Interiors + Design to host our first ever collaborative party and panel discussion: “Exploring the Latest Trends in Luxury Home Building and High-End Real Estate”. We loved hosting such a wonderful group of industry leaders, architects, custom craftsmen, home builders, and real estate gurus. From the bottom of our hearts…thank you!

Scroll down to view all of our party and panel photos, and download your favorites.


How To Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

How To Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

With more than 30 years of experience building luxury, custom homes in Colorado, we understand the importance of maintaining a consistently comfortable warm home despite sometimes erratic outdoor temps. The cold nip of winter pairs well with skiing, but should not be experienced when sitting by a window or enjoying family TV night. 


Building a Comfortable and Efficient Home

By focusing on a few key considerations during the building process, Timber Ridge Properties consistently delivers big, beautiful dream homes—soaring ceilings, expansive windows, luxurious tile floors—that remain exceedingly comfortable all year round.  

With that in mind, we’ve put together a mini-checklist of recommendations to ensure your home is protected against the cold winter months.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is now standard in all of our homes because it outperforms anything available on the market today. It is designed to expand into nooks and cracks, and then harden. This creates an airtight seal that maximizes efficiency, eliminates leaks, operates as a moisture barrier, and deters mold growth…indefinitely. It’s eco-friendly to boot!

Benefits: Maximize efficiency. Reduce energy costs. Eliminate mold. Never needs to be replaced.

Low E Glass Windows

Low E glass windows have a special coating applied to the inside of the glass that’s designed to reflect heat back to it’s source, keeping homes cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter (while decreasing energy costs). Even better, because the coating is on the inside, it can’t be scratched or damaged and requires no special care.

Benefits: Maintain a comfortable temperature within your home. Optimize efficiency. Doesn’t require special cleaning.

Hot Water Recirculating Pumps

warm home

Hot water recirculating pumps are a game-changer and go into every Timber Ridge Properties home. With hot water recirculating pumps, you can have hot water on demand, meaning you’ll no longer have to deal with running out of hot water in the shower or wasting water while waiting for the tap warm up.

Benefits: Never run out of hot water. Enjoy hot water on demand. Reduce water waste.

Radiant Floor Heating

Beyond the obvious benefits of radiant floor heating (cozy feet on any flooring, no heating element eyesores), they also eliminate inefficient heat loss created by rising heat and reduce allergens in the home. They’ve quickly become our standard in all master bathrooms and are highly recommended throughout the home.

Benefits: Allergy friendly. Eliminate the constant need for slippers. Increase heating efficiency.

Our expert team of industry professionals work closely together from concept through completion, employing superior products and technologies to ensure that your home is a retreat from (not a reflection of) Colorado’s temperature extremes.

Get in Touch

We want to hear from you. What are your heating problems? How well are your windows working? Are you running out of hot water halfway through your shower? Whether you’re building a new home or updating the one you already own, we can help make your house exceedingly comfortable, all year round!

9 Questions to Ask a Home Builder Before Hiring Them

9 Questions to Ask a Home Builder Before Hiring Them

But not just any home builder. You need to hire the right team, with the right expertise to create your vision.

Easier said than done. So, to help ensure you find the perfect builder for your project, below we have compiled a list of 9 questions to ask your home builder before the first design decision is made.

1. Can you provide me with references?
Any reputable home builder will be happy to provide you with two to three references. When you get an opportunity to talk to another homeowner, ask them about the quality of the work, the communication process, and their overall satisfaction. Google and Houzz also make great places to read client reviews. You are looking for a builder who provides a very high level of quality work, is transparent in their communication, and will update you on production schedules and budgets on a regular basis.

2. What types of decisions will I need to make?
Throughout the process there will be numerous decisions that require your involvement.

This granite or that marble? This pendant or that chandelier? Chrome or brushed stainless steel? Tile or wood? A high end home builder has expertise working with all levels of finishes and fixtures and can steer you in the right direction so your home is a perfect reflection of the vision in your head.

They can also introduce you to skilled professionals in their network—interior designers, kitchen designers, landscape designers—who can help you bring your vision to life. Building a home takes many steps and a skilled builder won’t leave you hanging.

Finally, make sure they put together a calendar for all critical decisions.

3. Who supervises the property construction?
Who will be on site every day, and who can you rely on to see through the daily stages of building? Make sure there are dedicated supervisors on location every step of the way to ensure the highest quality of work.

Often with big, corporate home builders, there will be multiple supervisors on any given project. Hiring a boutique custom home builder ensures there is one dedicated supervisor for your project who is involved in all of the decisions.

Of course, there will be some days when the supervisor is unable to work at your home, but the right builder will always have someone from the company stand in. This continuity of management is key to a successful project.

4. Do I need an architect and a designer?
You can choose to work with a builder, architect and interior designer to create your dream home, just know you also need all three of them to coordinate together.

An architect may have different ideas for completing a project than the builder, or an interior designer might have a different vision than either the architect or the builder.

Working with a design-build company gives you an in-house team—architect, builder and designer—who all work with the same mindset and goals so there are less conflicting ideas. This can streamline your timeline, make the decision process less stressful, and typically ensures a more cohesive style.

Whichever you choose, make sure communication is transparent at all stages.

5. What is our schedule?
Agreeing on a reasonable schedule is key to success—not only for completing the house on time, but also for keeping everyone on task. While it’s a given that some unforeseen obstacles will arise during production, you and your home builder should come to an agreement on an estimated completion date. Creating a timetable will keep everyone accountable.

6. How will you protect my property during the construction process?
During construction, it’s critical that your home builder respects your property and belongings. Do they provide adequate insurance coverage to protect against accidents and unforeseen weather damage? Be sure to discuss the details of how they set up their job sites.

7. How will you communicate with me?
Your builder will likely be a big part of your life, and communication is key to creating a solid home owner/builder relationship.

With so many ways to connect, it’s important to pinpoint the right kind of communication between you and your home builder. Do they prefer emails or phone calls? Do you prefer text messages or phone calls? Decide on the best method of communication for big stuff and little stuff. You want complete transparency on the building process and the contractor will need to connect with you to make decisions.

8. How will you work with me on budgeting and will you keep me up to date on costs?
Discussing your budget and knowing what you’re willing to spend is the biggest decision you will make when it comes to building or remodeling a home. If you are planning a custom build or remodel, you will be very involved in the selections that go into your home. These selections ultimately drive the final price.

You and your home builder should agree to an itemized budget before construction begins. As selections are made, your builder needs to provide you with an updated budget reflecting the actual price of those selections and how they affect the project total. Make sure you’re aware of all costs as they come in, so you can make any necessary adjustments to your project if needed.

9. What fees do you charge and what do those fees include?
All builders charge a fee, but the range and style of these fees are very different from builder to builder. Be sure you know exactly what you are getting into before you sign an agreement. Make sure you will have access to invoices from subcontractors and venders so there are no hidden charges. Markups are common in this industry, discussing these fees at the beginning will start you and your builder on the right foot.

Whether you are kicking off a new home build or getting ready for an extensive remodel, asking these questions, means you can feel confident that you are hiring the dream team that will bring your vision to life.

Ready to start your new build or remodel? Whether it’s a custom home built from the ground up, or a luxury remodel to your current residence, the TRP team approaches each project with artistry and uncompromising quality. When you work with us, you are family.